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2015 Announcements

Big things are coming your way this year…

New Release Schedule

Girl’s Night Out – 2/14/15
Courtney and Arianna have a routine. They go to the same club, order the same drinks and hang out with the same people. Wanting something different, Courtney convinces Arianna to go with her to a club down in the warehouse district. It’s private and by invitation only… for good reason. After sneaking into the club, the girls have the best night of their lives. If only they could remember what happened last Friday night.

The Seer – 4/1/15
My name is Sidney Rinn… and I am the Seer. I can see the past in any location I enter. No, I’m not psychic nor do I claim to be. I’m just your average girl with an above average talent, which I use to help people. Two of those people happen to be two of the sexiest men on the planet… Detective Denton Archer and a P.I. named Mitchell Caldwell. Sadly, I think I’m in love with them both. Hey! I never said my life was easy, as a matter of fact, it’s pretty fricken complicated, but isn’t that what makes life interesting?

The Faerie’s Rescue – 8/15/15
The long awaited third installment in the Hunter’s series.
Markus is the oldest of the Raydon clan and the fiercest warrior the realms have ever seen. When a summons from the Light Fae king is sent asking for his assistance to save his daughter, he doesn’t hesitate. Sariah is Princess to the light Fae kingdom. She is cherished by her parents and loved by her people. Her life is blissfully content until the dark Fae kidnap her with the intention of forcing her father’s hand to their will. The minute Markus and Sariah meet there is an instant connection. It’s as if fate has pushed the two together, but Markus is unwilling to accept his fate until Sariah is ripped from his arms and forced back into the custody of the dark Fae. Determined not to lose hope, Sariah holds fast to her belief that Markus will come for her, but when he does, the war between the light and dark Fae ignites, testing the boundaries of a love that fate had destined to be.

Children of Kria: Vengeance – 10/30/15
I was a Geisha. Sold into slavery by my parents, I was beaten into submission then forced into the company of men. My heart cried out for freedom and Kria heard my call. Now I seek out those who would dare do the same. I attack without mercy, but always with the grace and beauty of a lady. My name is Vengeance and your heart is mine.

I do love throwing out surprises, so keep your eyes open for the possibility of releases not seen on this schedule.

Happy New Year!

Sunday, December 7, 2014

Available for Pre-Sale

Good morning my lovelies!! I wasn't going to share this with you all yet but since it's up for pre-sale....


A hilarious paranormal romance that centers around two girls and what happens when they sneak into a club they were never supposed to enter...

Available Feb. 14th

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Cranberries and Spice Blog Hop

Please make sure to check out this link for a detailed list of the authors involved in this blog hop for more chances to win FREE stuff! Good luck! And thanks for stopping by!

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Hello my lovelies and Happy Halloween! Today,  I am so excited to share the interview I had with the characters from CE Black's book, Cursed Desires. It's a hot steamy read that's just right for your Halloween night!

Hi guys! And welcome. So tell me Kara, Gabe how did you guys meet?

“At a bar,” Kara said at the same time Gabe said, “Blind date.”
They looked at each and Kara rolled her eyes before turning away. “This is a long standing argument between us,” she said. “But I’m right. It was just a chance meeting at a bar. At least for me. My friend, Melissa invited me out for a girl's night at a local bar. We’d had a couple of drinks when Gabe walked in with some other guy. They came over and starting hitting on us pretty hard...”
“Whoa,” Gabe interrupted. “That’s not how it happened. A buddy of mine at work invited me out to a bar, but I said no, ‘cause that’s not usually my thing, but then he tells me he has this date and the chick refused to show unless he brought someone for her friend. Now, I normally would have a few choice words, but I was feeling generous and a beer did sound good. So we go into this bar and he points out the girl and next to her is this beauty.” Gabe put his arm around Kara’s shoulders and pulled her in for a quick kiss to her cheek causing her scowl to be replaced by a soft smile. “And,” Gabe continued, “The rest is history.”
“That’s not how I remember it,” Kara argued. “And I wasn’t aware of any blind date. I was just there to have a drink with my friend. You just happened to show up looking too yummy for your own good.”
“Is that right?” Gabe leaned in and nuzzled her neck, effectively ending the argument.

Have you always been open to bringing others into your bed or was it something that happened on accident?

“Well, we’ve only tried it one other time and it didn’t work out so well,” Kara said and laughed. “Gabe wanted to see me with another woman, but I’m just not attracted to women that way.”
“Unfortunately,” Gabe piped in and laughed when Kara elbowed him in the ribs. “We’ve always been open about our fantasies,” he continued. “So it’s natural for us to try something new every once in a while.”

What made you decide to bring Will into your inner circle?

“Will just weaseled his way in,” Gabe said, shooting a grin at Will. “He’s a great guy and we hit it off right away. And I’d have been a fool not to see the attraction going on between the two of them,” he said, gesturing to Kara and Will. “It also didn’t hurt that seeing my wife being pleasured by myself and another man was one of my top fantasies. It’s just hard bringing something like that up. When the opportunity presented itself, I was ecstatic.”
“But we both knew Will was something more than a passing fantasy,” Kara added.
“True,” Gabe said. “I never saw him that way. Once we let him in, we hoped he’d be there for good.”
“I’m just glad for the invite,” Will said, grinning at the couple.

Will, what was the first thing that crossed your mind when you saw Kara and Gabe?

“Which time?” He asked, chuckling.

 How about the first time?
“Well, I saw Kara first and I was immediately taken with her. I mean, come on, she’s beautiful, isn’t she? But it was more than that. I had this pressing need to be close to her, and I admit, I couldn’t help but reach out and touch her. I shouldn’t have, I know, but the need for contact was irresistible.”
“That was you who brushed my cheek?” Kara voice held just a hint of surprise. “I should have known that wasn’t a bug.”
Will nodded, his smile shy as he continued. “When I noticed Gabe, I have to say I was a little disappointed to see Kara was taken, but I was a ghost, what could I offer her? I dismissed it and decided to follow them, the connection only growing stronger. And I have to say, after watching them interact, I even began to like Gabe a little.”
“Thanks a lot,” Gabe said sarcastically. “I like you a little too.”
“Yeah, yeah,” Will said. “You know you love me.”
The two men teased good-naturedly as Kara rolled her eyes.

Why did you decided to start communicating with them?

Will let out a breathy chuckle. “Wow, that’s a hard one. I don’t know if there was any one thing, but the more I watch, the stronger the connection grew. And I knew Kara was beginning to freak out a bit.”
“Ya, think?” Kara asked, sarcastically
Kissing her gently on the forehead, Will laughed softly.  “I couldn’t keep scaring her like that. I needed her to know she was safe with me.”

Were you surprised when Gabe approached you about a threesome?

“Yes and no. We were already so close, but I was surprised Gabe would share Kara in such a way. Not that I’m complaining,” he laughed. “And I do understand now. I think it’s moved beyond sexual fantasies. This is a real relationship. One I hope lasts forever.”
Kara leaned over and kissed Will on the cheek before swiping under eye to catch a stray tear.

Have there ever been any awkward moments, Kara, where you’re having sex with Will and Gabe walks in? Or vice versa?

“No. We’ve had times with just two of us and usually the third is sensitive the that need for alone time.” Kara grinned wickedly, “Though sometimes, the other joins in. We’re trying to make this relationship work and it won’t work if there is continuous anger and jealousy. Communication is the key, always.”

The scene in the second story, Watch and Wait, where you guys are having sex outside and staring in the window at Gabe, were you ever concerned that someone other than Gabe might see you? 

“Of course,” Kara said. “That was the point. Knowing anyone could walk around that corner and notice us was part of the fantasy. It was highly unlikely,” she shrugged. “But possible all the same and only made it feel even more wicked.

How hard was it to choose between sacrificing yourself or stay with those you loved?

Will sighed. “I’m not going to lie. That was hard. But I would do it again in a heartbeat to keep them safe.”

Where do you see this relationship going in the future?

“The possibilities are endless,” Kara replied, with a cheeky grin.

Do you think there could be a HEA for the three of you if you stay together? Any plans on having Will move in permanently?

All three nodded as they looked at one another. “We already have it,” Gabe said and smiled brightly, “Will has already moved in with us and we’re taking this relationship seriously.”

I loved both the stories that Ms. Black shared with us about you guys. Are there any chances of more stories in the future?

The three looked at one another and Kara gave a slight shrug. “Maybe. I like the idea of our story being written down. And,” Kara continued with a playful wink, “There is a lot more story to tell. I guess it just depends on how interesting that story will be.”
“I’d take a guess that it could get quite interesting,” Gabe’s deep voice drawled as his nuzzled Kara’s neck, making her gasp.
“I completely agree,” Will said, leaning in to kiss the other side of her neck, stealing any further words on the subject.

Wanna know more about CE Black and her entertaining reads....
Fan Page on FB:

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Coming Nov. 10th.

Now Available

My one and only contemporary romance (as seen in the Dreams and Nightmares Anthology) is now yours for the taking! Available exclusively for $0.99 at

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FREE for a limited time...

The Colonial, book 2 in the Curse Breaker's Trilogy


Saturday, August 2, 2014

A Surprise Release...

Children of Kria: Raithe. 

The 2nd book in my Children of Kria series. 

Only $0.99

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Celebrating 1500 Likes on my FB page!

Enter the giveaway below for your chance to win an e-copy of Breeders and Shifted Temptations!!

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Meet the characters of Her Last Request and Raziel's Redemption

In honor of the release of Raziel's Redemption, I thought you'd like to meet some of the characters. And just to make things a whole lot more fun... leave a comment telling me who your favorite is and your name will be entered into a drawing to win an ebook copy of each book!!

This website and Charlie Daye claim no ownership over the images below. 
These images are meant to be a fun representation of what we think the characters would look like.
Please contact by email (found on the contact page) if you see something that is yours and you would like it taken down. 

Now Available

Raziel's Redemption


Saturday, June 21, 2014


Only 6 days to go till the release of Raziel's Redemption!! Here's a little teaser for you!

Alona left Raziel to change into a pair of lounge pants and t-shirt. As she dressed, her thoughts strayed to Raziel. She was already sexually frustrated and they’d only known each other for a little less than two weeks. She desperately wanted to rip his clothes off and jump his bones.

The thought surprised her. Granted, her only experience with a man had been with Elijah, but she’d never had an urge this strong before. The sexual tension between them was enough to strangle them both. Sighing, Alona walked back into the living room to find Raziel had lost his shoes and his shirt and was lying sinfully bare from the waist up on her couch holding a blanket up as invitation for her to join him.

“You look nice and comfy,” Alona commented.

Raziel grinned, “Come join me and we can be comfy together.”

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How would you like to win a Signed Copy of Raziel's Redemption???

The task is easy, the rules are simple.

1. Share my page with your friends.

2. When one of your friends likes my page, have them leave a comment with their "LIKE" number and your name as the person who referred them.

3. The person who referred the most people will win a copy of the book.

4. And don't worry if there happens to be a tie, I'm not against sending out more than one copy! 

This contest will run till June 27th, the new release day for Raziel's Redemption.

Good luck everyone!

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The Dreams and Nightmares Anthology is now available...

Meet the authors...

Where you can find us during the blog hop...

The Release Party on Facebook!!

Dreams and Nightmares Release Party!!

And last but not least.... the Dreams and Nightmares Anthology Giveaway!

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Dreams and Nightmares Anthology

reVerie - CE Black 

Dreams and Nightmares Anthology

Plaisir - Jennah Scott


Griffyn raised his hands, ready to wrap his fingers around the back of the guy’s neck and yank him forward until their lips came together. Tate cocked his head to the side; he raised an eyebrow and gave a pointed glance at Griffyn’s open hands.

He released a sigh and dropped his arms to his sides. What would he say? “Hey, man, I’m bisexual and really want to fuck you right now.” The result of that confession would end in a brawl. One hell of a way to start the semi-vacation.

“What’s going on, Griffyn? Gotta admit, you’re freaking me out a little.”

Tate licked his lower lip, his tongue circled the ring in the corner—one half of his snake bite piercing. Griffyn’s cock thickened, hardened against his zipper. Shit. Why does Tate have to be so damn sexy?

He ran his hand down his face. “I’m bisexual.”

Well, that wasn’t exactly what he’d meant to say, and judging by the wide-eyed look Tate wore, the other man hadn’t expected it either.


“And…fuck. I want you, Tate.”

Might as well go all in now. If he rejects me, then I’ll head to the club on my own. “Wanted you for a while, but didn’t know how to tell you.”

“That’s why you asked me to come out here. You had this planned.” Tate left him at the bar and found his way to one of the double beds where he sat down on the edge of the mattress.

“No.” Yes. “I mean, kind of. Some of it was planned. The club at least.” And more. But Griffyn was afraid he was digging a hole to deep to climb out of. Now that he’d spilled the beans, so to speak, he tried to back off some.

Dreams and Nightmares Anthology

Adderley's Bride - Danita Minnis 


He wasn’t upstairs. She could feel him - feel something - downstairs.

With the tray under her arm, she walked to the staircase. She looked over the white spindled balcony and had a view of the main hall all the way to the front doors. Wind whipped around the porch outside, slapping the glass windowpanes. 

For the first time this weekend, she considered what Bree told her about being in a house of this size alone. When Bree couldn’t scare her with the ‘fifty rooms, for God’s sake!’ she appealed to legends of the Hudson Valley, of which Sofie was sure her sister knew nothing. Something about the Algonquin Indians still walking the land or riding their ghostly horses all night to scare the foreign settlers away.

Well, that was clearly the wind she heard outside Wynter Estate, not Indians on a rampage to kill the settlers who had taken Algonquin land over three hundred years ago.

Bree had probably looked up the legends for scare tactics. Or made them up. Every door and window was secure, they had even checked the basement and attic.

“You are losing it.”

The tall man in her room must have been her imagination playing tricks on her. But the expression on his face had seemed so real. Compassionate…no, passionate.

She was just emotionally exhausted and needed some sleep but it wouldn’t hurt to take a look around. She headed down the stairs.
The front doors were locked tight.

She flipped the switch by the front doors and the crystal chandelier in the foyer banished the darkness. She couldn’t help feeling like she was being watched and leaned her back against the front door to scan the wide foyer. It led off to several different directions and she carefully inspected the dark vaulted archways.

Bang! Bang!

Sofie shrieked, dropped the tray and was halfway to the stairs when she spun to face the main salon. She stood wide-eyed with her hands up in a defensive gesture trying to make sense of the banging sound coming from the dark recesses of the huge room.

Coming May 27th

The Dreams and Nightmares Anthology

Dreams and nightmares are like twilight; that misty place between fantasy and reality.

When your mind takes you on an adventure you didn’t sign up for and you become someone or something else, it can be delectable, terrifying, or both.

Dreaming of that sexy bad boy who seems out of reach? Be careful what you wish for, sometimes dreams really do come true. If you have the time, we have the past life to seduce you. Whether your fantasy is a lustful mermaid, an irresistible incubus, a vampiric predator, or an insatiable ghost hold on tight. You are on the most erotic ride of your life.

When your desires blend so thoroughly with the truth that you don’t know the difference, that’s when romance is but a dream.

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1000 Likes Giveaway Blowout!!

Morning my lovelies! I've decided to go ahead and start the 1000 Likes Giveaway! I have tons of great prizes for you, donated by tons of great authors! Keep an eye on my page for info about each author and the books they've donated! There will be 26 winners so make sure to get as many entries as you can! Good Luck Everyone!

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1000 Likes Giveaway!

I have some exciting new to share my lovelies! We are approaching 1000 likes and you know what that means? Raffle time! But this Raffle is going to be bigger and better than ever before. So far, I have 15 authors that have donated FREE books for the winners (with more to be added) from varying genres. And yes, there will be more than one winner! So make sure you share my page. The faster we get to 1000 the faster the prizes will arrive!

Authors so far...

C.E. Black
Tessa Dawn
Mina Carter
Tish Thawer
Emma Marie Leya
J.P. Grider
D.X. Luc
Tarah Scott
Jennah Scott
Rosanna Leo
Gwen Knight
Sabrina Garie
Marly Mathews
P.T. Macias
Tara Rose

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Upcoming Interview and Giveaway!

Come hang out with me on Thursday the 17th, when I'm interviewed by Bitten by Books! Did I mention there's a giveaway??

RSVP now for 25 FREE entries in the drawing!

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Coming Soon

Available May 27th.

Dreams and nightmares are like twilight; that misty place between fantasy and reality. 

When your mind takes you on an adventure you didn’t sign up for and you become someone or something else, it can be delectable, terrifying, or both.

Dreaming of that sexy bad boy who seems out of reach? Be careful what you wish for, sometimes dreams really do come true. If you have the time, we have the past life to seduce you.

Whether your fantasy is a lustful mermaid, an irresistible incubus, a vampiric predator, or an insatiable ghost hold on tight. You are on the most erotic ride of your life.

When your desires blend so thoroughly with the truth that you don’t know the difference, that’s when romance is but a dream.

Also,  be sure to join us for our release day party on FB! It's sure to be a fun filled event!

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ARC Signups

Wanna receive a FREE copy of one of my Books in exchange for a review?
Sign up here...   ARC Sign UP

Other Random News...

I've been considering starting a sign up sheet for readers to receive ARC copies of my books in exchange for reviews. What this means... you'll get a FREE copy of one of my books in exchange for an honest review on amazon and goodreads. Sometimes it will be of a previously released book other times will be of a book that has not yet been released. Once you sign up, you're forever on the list. Now, the catch is that YOU MUST WRITE A REVIEW WITHIN A GIVEN TIME FRAME. So, if you can't meet that deadline, I'd suggest you not sign up. 

So, do you like the idea? Would any of you be interested?

The Latest

Good morning my lovelies! Here are some exciting updates for you from my crazy world...

Breeders 2 and Breeders 3 are complete. I bet you're dying to know which of the men got their stories aren't you... Ok, ok, I'll tel you... Tustin, Bronx and Austin. For those of you that are saddened by not seeing Denver's name on this list - not to worry. He's up next in Breeders 4.

Upcoming Releases - Raziel's Redemption, the sequal to Her Last Request, will be out some time in June and I have an anthology coming out, hopefully in May with some very talented authors. More info to come on that soon!

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Good morning my loves! I have a great deal to share with you this morning! 
My good friend Author C. E. Black has a new release out today and better yet - it's only $0.99. 

So, if you love paranormal romance then this one's for you!

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Children of Kria: Fury

A new dark fantasy series where revenge reigns supreme...

You need only say a name.

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Happy Hump Day! 
For a limited time (Feb 18- Feb 24) 
The Reservation, book 3 in the Curse Breakers Series, 
is on sale for $0.99.

Friday, February 14, 2014