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Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Mina Carter

Something new for you all to try.... Do you love aliens with really big.... egos? Grab the first book in this new series by USA Today Best Selling author Mina Carter and start your erotic journey today!

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Monday, July 13, 2015

JQ Shoutout

"I would like to personally thank Producer Jillian Bullock one more time for selecting me to portray Army Captain Nixon in the 2016 film, 'A Sense of Purpose: Fighting For Our Lives' as I am truly honored."

- John Quinlan 7/13/2015

Sunday, July 12, 2015

JQ Interview

Down and Dirty with John Quinlan

Charlie: Welcome back John, long time no see... (Grin, hug)
John: Hi Charlie, how's it going?
Charlie: Please, have a seat. Can I get you anything? Coffee, tea, me? (Flexing eyebrows)
John: (Laughs) No, I'm good, thanks.
Charlie: So, a lot's happened since you were last here. And I, for one, cannot wait to dive in and ask you the questions that every woman on the planet wants to know.
John: (Chuckles) I'm ready.
Charlie: I heard a rumor that you have decided to end one particular chapter of your life, care to elaborate?
John: Absolutely. This past Saturday (July4th). Was my last physique competition ever.
Charlie: (Eyebrows raise in surprise) Why's that?

John: I have done 25 competitions in the last four years. Some I've won, some I've lost. I've claimed 5 first places finishes and 1 overall.  I never became pro but I did my best and that is something I'm extremely proud of. And with the upcoming movie, I just decided it was a good time to retire.
Charlie: Ooh good, let's talk about the movie. Or at least as much as you can. How did the role come up?
John: I met Jillian Bullock, the producer, during an interview early on in my career. She loved my MMA  fighter type look, so when the movie came up, I was her first pick to play a hard nose military officer named Captain Nixon. She said, and I quote, "As a screenwriter and producer, I selected John Quinlan to portray Captain in the film, A Sense of Purpose: Fighting for Our Lives, which deals with military veterans and PTSD. His character is a tough Army Commanding Officer who's old school and doesn't take carp from anyone. I believe John is just the right person to take on the role of Capt. Nixon and I can't wait to work with him in 2016 when we film in Philadelphia, PA."

Charlie: Wow John! That's one hell of a compliment.
John: (Nods) Jillian Bullock is such an amazing woman, she inspires me to work hard to achieve my goals in life, as I have seen firsthand, how she rose up to achieve greatness in hers. I am truly honored she selected me as an actor in her film as Army Captain Nixon.
Charlie: This is all so exciting and I'm so happy for you. I hope we can still be friends after you become some big time Hollywood celebrity because I'd really hate to have to stalk you. (Grins)
John: (Laughs) Of course.
Charlie: So, with all these changes going on in your life, are you still gonna  have time for modeling too? I mean, you do grace several book covers, mine included (Just A Dream) and I feel it would be a great tragedy to lose such hotness.
John: (Smirks) I won't be moving entirely away from modeling, I'll still have pics available for use they just won't be physique shots anymore. They'll be more along the lines of motorcycles and leather. No more tighty whities.

Charlie: Well I guess it's a good thing I kept copies of your nude pics. (Giggles)
John: (Laughs)
Charlie: Ok, now let's get down to the good stuff... boxer or briefs?
John: Boxer Briefs
Charlie: Nice... Dog or cat?
John: Dog. Don't get me wrong, I like cats too but a dog would be my first pick.
Charlie: What kind?
John: Boxer
Charlie: Good choice, I approve. (Turns page) Where is the one place in the world you'd want to visit?
John: It would have to be Ireland. It's on the bucket list.
Charlie: I'm totally going with you. I'll just crawl into your suitcase. You'll never know I'm there.
John: (Looks Charlie over from head to toe and rubs his jaw) Actually, I have a hockey bag you'd fit perfectly in.
Charlie: (Laughs) I bet airport security might have a question or two about that.
John: Nah, I'll just tell them I'm a hockey player. It'll be fine. (Grins)
Charlie: What do you like to do in your free time?
John: I haven't really had any recently but I do love to go to this pizza place called Dino's and order their Sicilian pizza. Also love spending time with my kids.
Charlie: This next question will make or break our friendship John.
John: Lay it on me.
Charlie: NY or Chicago style pizza?
John: Oh man, this is a hard one because I really like both.
Charlie: That's not how this works John. You have to pick one.
John: Just one, huh? But they're both so good.
Charlie: (Taps her foot impatiently)
John: Ok... Chicago.
Charlie: (Leans back in her chair, flicks her paper and crosses her legs) You've just broken my heart John Quinlan.
John: (Laughs) But I did say I liked both.
Charlie:  (Lifts her chin) Moving on... Naked or pajamas?
John: Both.
Charlie: How is that even possible?
John: If it's cold, I'll sleep in my Superman flannel pants but if it's hot, I rip 'em off. Same thing happens if I have morning wood.
Charlie: (Drops her papers as her eyes open wide. She covers her face with her hands, leans forward and bursts into laughter) Morning Wood? (Still laughing) That is one hell of a visual John.
John: (Laughs) Hey it happens.
Charlie: (Takes a minute to get herself under control but can't seem to stop smiling) Back or stomach sleeper?
John: Back. I sleep like the dead - literally.
Charlie: (Still giggling) If you could spend one day with anyone on the planet, who would it be?
John: Man or woman?
Charlie: Doesn't matter.
John: Hmm... one person... would have to be Dwayne Johnson (The Rock). He's an amazing man that has overcome so many obstacles in his life to get where he's at in life. He had a football scholarship with Miami and was doing really well  until an injury ended his college football career. He then joined the CFL (Canadian Football League) and was cut because "he just wasn't good enough". This was the hardest thing in his life he'd ever had to deal with. From there, he went into wrestling and with hard work, well...( arms spread wide) you see how well he's done. The rest is history.
Charlie: (Nods her approval) I can see why he's an excellent pick. However, I'm a little hurt that you didn't pick me.
John:  (Grins) Ah, Charlie, you said I could pick anyone woman or man. Now had you said, woman, you'd definitely be top on my list.
Charlie: (Laughs) Nice save.
John: (Winks)
Charlie: (Leans forward, resting her chin in her hand) It's been such a pleasure having you hear today. You really should come play more often.
John: I'm happy to come back anytime.
Charlie and John rise from their chairs and embrace. A loud crash emanates from another room. Charlie jumps back as female voices start screaming, "Get your hands of Him!!" "He's mine!"
Charlie: (Arches her brow) You brought crazy stalker fans?!?
John: (Laughs while holding his hands up in surrender) Wasn't me I swear!
Charlie: (Grins mischievously) Ah, what the hell. (Grabs John's face and plants a big fat kiss on his cheek).
John: What was that for?
Charlie: (Shrugs) If I'm gonna die today, at least I can go out knowing I kissed John Quinlan.
John: (Laughs)
Another loud crash fills the room along with the sounds of running.
Charlie: Oh crap! Gotta run.  Bye John! Thanks for stopping by! Love ya! Mean it!
John's laughter fills the air as Charlie runs out of the room.

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Ariana and Cortney sneak into a supernatural night club and have the best night of their life. If only they could remember what happened last Friday night.

Sunday, April 19, 2015

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Sunday, March 8, 2015

First Chapter of The Seer

Good morning my lovelies. Thought I'd start the morning off with the first chapter of my upcoming release The Seer. Available April 1st.


          I’m not quite sure how to begin to spin this tale of the supernatural for you. It something that I myself am still learning to deal with but since I’ve had the “gift” since I was a child there is no use in trying to make it sound worse than what it really is, especially now that I’ve learned to turn it on and off at will.
            My name is Sidney Rinn and I am a Seer. No, I’m not psychic nor do I claim to be. My gift is by far, at least in my opinion, a hell of a lot more disturbing than being able to see the future. I can walk into any building, room or space, whether inside or out, and if something happened there I can see it just as clearly as I can see someone standing in front of me. It’s almost as if I was there or more rather like watching a movie that is always on instant replay.
            Sometimes what I see are residual hauntings. Ghosts who are stuck in a loop forever tormented by whatever traumatic event shook them to their core and it doesn’t necessarily have to be death. It can be something strictly on an emotional level that left its mark.
            Other times, it’s the energy of the place itself. It could be that something so horrible or phenomenal happened that the event tattooed itself on the essence of the environment. Occasionally, the actors or actresses in my visions, if you will, are still very much alive.
            How did I come by this gift, you ask? Well, to be honest. I’m not sure. I assume it came from my parents but sadly they either died or abandoned me as a child. I was raised in an orphanage.
            How was it that a strawberry blonde child with pink puffy cheeks and strikingly blue eyes was never adopted, you ask? Well, there were several couples who entertained the idea of adopting me, however, when they found me huddled in the corner of my room screaming bloody murder or laughing hysterically, they opted to take me back. Those that kept me on longer than that just assumed that I was having some sort of childhood meltdown at living in a new house, but they too took me back once I started asking questions about things that I should know absolutely nothing about – like when I enter my “parents” room and ask why mommy is in bed with someone who wasn’t daddy. Oops!
            So, I spent my childhood in St. Matthew’s orphanage. The nuns that ran the place were supremely awesome ladies. They never gave me any grief about my gift and pretty much let me do whatever I wanted, but I guess when you’ve been somewhere as long as I was you just become part of the landscape.
            Secretly, I think Mother Superior either knew my parents or of my parents, because the only place I was never allowed to go into in the entire building was in her office. I swore one day I’d break in there just to find out what she was hiding from me, but sadly never got the chance. As you would expect, life got away from me especially once I became a teenager. I was no longer interested in what lay hidden behind closed doors and much preferred to hide behind them with cute boys.
            Hmm… boys. Brings to mind my hot little P.I. friend that convinced me to join his team of sneaks and a smoldering detective who constantly asked for my assistance on cases but we’ll get to that later. And yes, you did catch the meaning behind “friend” correctly. Ok, maybe they’re both more than just my “friends” but like I said… later.

            I guess I’ll start my story from where I aged out of the orphanage and set out on my own. I was excited, overwhelmed and had absolutely no idea where I was going or what I was doing but isn’t that what makes life interesting?

Sunday, March 1, 2015


As promised my lovelies... one of my books is now FREE for the next 5 days. It's an oldie but a goodie!

BUTTERFLY - A Paranormal Romance 

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Release Day!

Good Morning my lovelies! Happy Release day!!! 
Girl's Night Out is now live! Stop by my page for a fun filled day of giveaways and more!
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