The Portrait Series

Part One: 

Anika owns an antique shop and is obsessed with everything antiquey. During one of her shopping trips she comes across The Portrait of a handsome 18th century French nobleman and is instantly smitten with the picture. The owner gladly gives Anika the picture along with several other purchases she's made. What Anika doesn't expect is The Portrait is charmed and once she reads an incantation in French that falls from behind it she sets off a series of events that she never would have expected in her wildest dreams.    Barnes and Noble 

Part Two:

When Luc and Anika decide to leave the present behind to spend sometime in the past, Adrienne immediately jumps in to help Lizzy run their antique shop. What she wasn’t expecting was to be kidnapped by Tony. 
With Anika missing for over a month, Tony decides to take drastic measures and kidnap the young French woman who’s been working in her place. With enough motivation he’s hoping that he’ll learn everything he needs to know about where Anika went and how to get her back. 
The Reston house is in turmoil. Luc and Anika return to help with the search while Lorenzo and Will exhaust the resources at their disposal. As a last ditch effort, Anika suggests using magic to find Adrienne forcing Luc and Lorenzo on a journey to the past to find the only person with magic strong enough to bring back the woman they all love.         Barnes and Noble

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