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Butterfly's a Book Cover finalist!

friends please go and vote for my book Butterfly on the InD'Tale Magazine website. It's a semi finalist!!

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CBT Promo

I just sent off the following description for a book promo for the Curse Breaker's Trilogy. Doesn't it just make you wanna go out grab the books for a read?

The Curse Breaker's Trilogy centers around three best friends, Aria, Melissa and Amy who have all been chosen by fate to break the curses of the men they are destined to love. Aria's story is first and centers around a haunted house she inher
its. Things are going great between her and her lover Dominic until she finds out he is the one ghosts haunting her house. Melissa's story is next. She's a high powered attorney living in California and looking to move further east to be close to Aria. She accepts a generous offer from Aria to stay in a house she owns just outside of Boston so Melissa can start a new firm there. Melissa's just starting to get established when taking on the wrong clients leaves her beaten and left for dead - that is until Aiden comes along to save her and decides that Melissa is the reincarnation of his long lost love Abigail and is the only who can set him free. Amy's story is the final book in the trilogy. She's knows the curse she's meant to break is close at hand but never expected the path to lead her down a road of black magic and betrayal. In the epic finale all the girls reunite to fight an evil far worse than anything else they've ever faced.

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Win original art work by Jen Santa!

Head on over to my author page for a chance to win a Jen Santa original of Amy's tattoo!!

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Four days and counting!

Four days left till the release of The Reservation. I'm all nerves and excitement! I've definitely pushed the boundaries of taboo topics in this upcoming book and hope you all love it as much as my editor and I do! Just to forewarn you all... this book is a hell of a lot darker than anything I've written before. I wanted the finale to be epic and that's exactly what you're gonna get!

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The Reservation

Reservation Synopsis

Amy has spent that last few weeks preparing for a curse she knew would try her like never before. She's not sure what to expect at this point but knows whatever it is will be bad... very bad.

Micah's an immortal skinwalker who has been waiting eons for his curse to be broken and has just about lost all hope until he receives a call from the tribe's medicine woman that his redemption is finally at hand. But in order to gain the freedom his soul desires he'll have to do two things he hasn't done in ages - forgive the Gods and allow another woman into his heart.

In the epic finale to the Curse Breaker's Trilogy, Amy will take on a pack of Native American skinwalkers hell bent on bending her to their will but will the skinwalker she actually wants be strong enough to save her before she succumbs to the temptation of dark magic?

Coming Nov. 28th !

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Amy's Tattoo

This is the art work done by Jen Santa that will be featured on the cover of the Reservation for Amy's tattoo!

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Butterfly is now on sale at and

BIG Thanks!

I want to thank everyone who purchased a book in the month of October. It was my best sales month yet! I'm hoping to keep the momentum going in to the future! Please spread the word! Word of mouth is the best form of advertisement!

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A TEASE from my WIP... The Breeders!

She pressed my legs open and slowly pushed into my body. I whimpered at the uncomfortable sensation of her hand and another contraction co-mingled in my body for a completely horrible experience. Withdrawing her hand she smiled, “Good girl. You’re almost there. About eight centimeters. Two more and you’ll be ready to push.”
I sighed, “I’m ready to push now.”
Dr. Nichols chuckled, “No Sicily you really aren’t. Unless you want to take the chance of the baby getting stuck and you ripping open.”
I grimaced, “Okay, I’ll wait.”
“Can I get you anything?” she asked.
“A shot of whiskey followed by an epidural chaser?” I asked grinning.

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Sizzling Sunday
with Eva Marquez

How did you make the decision to become a writer?
I began formal writing when I was thirteen years old, encouraged by my dedicated and driven middle school English teacher. At a young age, I read the book ‘Flowers in the Attic’ by V.C. Andrews and it intrigued me to the point of inspiration. It was not long before I began typing stories up on my DOS-operated computer. Even in my early teens, I focused on writing about female characters that found themselves in difficult situations and schemed to find a way out. My short stories shed light on my fascination with conflict and what lies beneath the surface, and people’s struggle in finding a resolution. At sixteen I wrote my first full-length novel, which was truly the beginning of my writing career.

Throughout the different stages of formative education, I have been blessed by working with intriguing teachers, professors and mentors who helped to shape my global perspectives. I have also had the unique opportunity to travel the world, studying and volunteering in challenging corners of the globe, which has nurtured and contributed to my love of writing and storytelling. Although writing skills are important, life experiences and my exposure to many different cultures has allowed me to cultivate my literary work throughout the years. Writers are not born, nor do they spring up overnight.
Who is your favorite author? Favorite book?

There are dozens of authors I admire, but two that have captivated me with their work are Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie and Julia Alvarez. Ms. Adichie is Nigerian-born and now living in London and I think I had an instant connection with her work because I lived/worked in Nigeria for two years and was able to really get to know the southern Nigerian culture and context because of my work in the communities. Her first book, Purple Hibiscus, resonated with me because of my experiences in Nigeria and her second book, Half of a Yellow Sun, was so expertly written and wove four amazing human and social stories that I fell absolutely in love with her prose and skill for telling complex stories. Ms. Adichie writes about what she knows well, Nigeria and Nigerian culture, history and society and because she does so, her books include incredibly sincere stories. Julia Alvarez is a Dominican-American who writes primarily adult fiction, although she has also written young YA fiction as well, which are characterized by fantasy-type series. My favorite all-time book from Ms. Alvarez is In the Time of the Butterflies, which is a uniquely narrated book written in the perspective of four sisters growing up in the Dominican Republic under the dictator ship of President Trujillo. It’s superbly narrated and the story just tells itself effortlessly, it seems. Another book I very much enjoyed was How the García Girls lost their Accent, which is a story about Dominican immigrants to New York and their journey into mainstream American life. What these two authors have in common is that they are strong, confident and experienced women writing fiction about their natal lands, writing about their contexts and weaving extraordinary stories of strength and love in times of adversity.

Where do you get the inspiration for your stories?
I grew up as an immigrant in a lower-to-middle class Southern California suburb. So I tapped into that experience in ‘Sweetest Taboo’, which chronicles the love affair between a young Hispanic schoolgirl and her much older, married teacher. I drew from my experiences growing up to develop several plot ideas. Romantic experiences are universal. Provocative, illicit and risqué contexts do not take away from the experience of love, and that’s what this debut book sets out to communicate.
I was also intrigued by the news of one of my former teachers being convicted of [sexual] misconduct with a minor. Since I can remember, I have always been fascinated by similar stories making the news, but like many people, wondered about how these relationships originate and how they flourish under the radar. In Sweetest Taboo, I got to unravel one of these clandestine relationships, one exciting page at a time.
      While writing Sweetest Taboo, I had the opportunity to explore a subject with much social and psychological significance. To delve deep into romantic encounters among unlikely partners and develop an honest but page-turning story has been rewarding. I am fascinated by the complexities of society, and the often-difficult choices presented to individuals, particularly women. Sweetest Taboo exposes the inner dialogue and emotional strategies pursued by those making difficult decisions, and it exposes the mechanisms of manipulation that become useful to characters in getting what they want, regardless of the outcome. What excites me most as a writer, and storyteller, is unearthing the drama that we rarely see, the drama that lurks beneath the surface.
Do your characters come first or the does the plot come first?
My inspiration for ‘Sweetest Taboo’ came in spurts, but those spurts were carefully jotted down in a notebook as chapter titles and brief descriptions of what I wanted to include in each chapter. Plots, characters and timelines were all carefully plotted which made the writing process flow. Because of the comprehensive outline, I was able to develop each chapter at one sitting. However, as I wrote I also became somewhat of a panster, weaving new plots, characters and climaxes into each chapter. In essence, my writing process can be described as highly organized and plotted, with room for creative ‘interventions’ when the inspiration hits.

Have you ever fallen in lust… I mean love with one of your characters?
I have to be completely honest and say, not really. The reason is because I ‘design’ my characters so I know their strengths, weaknesses, trials and tribulations. For me, ‘lusting’ after a character happens most when I read other writer’s work rather than when I write and read my own work. For example, I can’t help but lust after Travis Maddox in Beautiful Disaster because that character was written in a way that captivates the female reader, in one way or another. However, had I been the creator of that character, I likely would be very aware of his flaws, issues, misgivings, etc. and would feel so close to him as a creator (perhaps like a parent?) that I don’t think I would lust after him.

When it comes to your sultry sex scenes – where do your ideas come from?
Some of the best books I have read, and those I have enjoyed the most, are fiction BUT they delve into controversial topics (i.e. arranged marriages, under-age ‘selling’ of girls, sex work, homosexuality, child abuse, etc.). Perhaps I am most intrigued by controversial topics because of the controversy around them and the strong opinions that we see in the news, on television and on social media outlets. For instance, this whole ‘Chick Fil-A’ issue and homosexuality is very intriguing because people have strong opinions about it. What I enjoy the most, is understanding more about the social act that is considered ‘controversial’ and understanding it as a cultural or human condition or learning why that ‘act’ exists in our society, or how it unfolds. That is exactly what I tried to do with ‘Sweetest Taboo’. I wanted to delve deeply into a controversial topic we have seen on the news quite a bit and that hit close to home in my high school (years after I graduated) and unearth just how these relationships can develop, how they can blossom into something beautiful in the face of such opposition and scrutiny. In ‘Sweetest Taboo’, I made every attempt to present the perspective of a young teen completely ‘in crush’ with her coach and develop that relationship as I sincerely believed it had the potential to unfold.
Have you ever been turned on by something you’ve written?
Again, I hate to sound clinical about my writing but when I create and write, I write with much passion and inspiration for the stories unfolding and not with an actual ‘experience’ of the story. What does that mean? Well, I write with a concept in mind and it’s more of an intellectual and creative process than a process of discovery. My intellectual process is a bit divorced from my physical feelings, but not my emotional ones. I’m very emotional close to my story, but not physically close so I’ve never experienced being turned on by my own writing. But, I have enjoyed intimate scene I have created and written and although the intention is not first and foremost for the reader to be turned on, there is an implicit intention for the reader to enjoy the intimate scene and to be able to live/experience it.

If you had the opportunity for a one nightstand with one of your characters who would it be and why?
My debut novel, Sweetest Taboo, only has several male characters of interest and if I had to pick one to have a one night stand with, I would definitely choose Tom Stevens. Sounds a bit twisted perhaps, since many readers may perceive him as the ‘bad guy’ who engaged in an illicit physical relationship with an under-aged student. But hear me out! His physical characteristics are those I find quite appealing, as well as his age and maturity. I also feel a connection with Tom Stevens because he’s the underdog in the story and in one way or another, I want him to come out on top and be perceived for the good and caring human being he really is. Tom Stevens really went out on a limb to be with Isabel. He’s a man driven by the heart, a passionate man, and a man that went after what he wanted in spite of society’s scrutiny. For those reasons, I find Tom Stevens rather intriguing and I would likely fall under his spell if I were to meet him.

Tell us about your current novel.
Isabel Cruz was fifteen years old when she met Tom Stevens. She was 15 when they – and sometimes reckless – fascination. When he finally approached her after swim practice and told her that he shared her feelings, it was the start of a forbidden and dangerous relationship. Readers can join Isabel as she makes her way through this dark love story, hiding from teachers, lying to her parents, and defying the authorities to make a life with the man she loves. Watch as she discovers the wonders of love and romance, and the terrible betrayal of jealous friends. And cry with her when she learns the hard truth about life and the people in her world. Sweetest Taboo is inspired by the true and tragic stories of students who fall in love with their teachers, and live with the hard truths of forbidden romances. In a world full of after-school specials on sexual predators, this touching book seeks a different path, casting both student and teacher in a gentle light, and showing that true love may lie at the base of even the most illicit romance

Is it a standalone story or part of a series? If it’s a series what can we expect in the next chapter?
Although I did not intend on ‘Sweetest Taboo’ being part of a series or trilogy, I decided that my next literary project would embark upon the story before the story, so to speak. Readers really want to know what Isabel was thinking when she became intimate with her school coach, they want to know how she could have gotten herself into such a mess, a mess that involved the authorities and potential prison time for Mr. Stevens, the man she loved most. So what I am doing is writing the prequel to ‘Sweetest Taboo’ that explores Isabel’s childhood and early adolescence as an immigrant in a Los Angeles suburb. Readers can expect complex and somewhat disturbing revelations, some violence, and definitely some tears. Then of course, there will be a sequel to ‘Sweetest Taboo’, where readers will learn about Isabel and Tom’s journey and what their relationship had in store for them. The stories I weave will always include trials and tribulations, but they will also include redemption and hope.

Book Synopsis
Isabel Cruz was fifteen years old when she met Tom Stevens. She was 15 when they started dating, and 16 when she lost her virginity to him. By the time she turned 18 and went to college, everything had fallen apart. This hadn’t been an ordinary love, though. Not a love between two dear friends, or even high school sweethearts. This had been the most taboo sort of love there was: a relationship between a student and her teacher. Isabel started her high school career as a normal student, but set her sights on Tom Stevens as soon as she met him, and pursued him with an intense – and sometimes reckless – fascination. When he finally approached her after swim practice and told her that he shared her feelings, it was the start of a forbidden and dangerous relationship.
Join Isabel as she makes her way through this dark love story, hiding from teachers, lying to her parents, and defying the authorities to make a life with the man she loves. Watch as she discovers the wonders of love and romance, and the terrible betrayal of jealous friends. And cry with her when she learns the hard truth about life and the people in her world. Sweetest Taboo is inspired by the true and tragic stories of students who fall in love with their teachers, and live with the hard truths of forbidden romances. In a world full of after-school specials on sexual predators, this touching book seeks a different path, casting both student and teacher in a gentle light, and showing that true love may lie at the base of even the most illicit romance.

Author bio
Born in Buenos Aires, Argentina, daughter of European immigrants, Eva Márquez has spent most of her life outside of her home country. At the age of five, Eva accompanied her parents to the United States, where the family settled permanently. After graduating from university, she went on to complete graduate studies in International Relations in Spain. Eva received her Master of International Studies degree from the University of Sydney and went on to work in the global health field in Sub Saharan Africa and South East Asia. Eva currently resides in Southern Africa.

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Sizzling Sunday
with Alexandra Weis

1. How did you make the decision to become a writer? 

I don’t think I had a choice really. It was something I started to do at the age of eight. Putting words on paper that imparted the emotion I was feeling at the time just seemed like something natural to me. I began with poetry, moved on to short stories, but because of my career demands in nursing did not write my first novel until I was in my thirties.

2. Who is your favorite author? Favorite book?

My favorite author is Ian Fleming. I know it’s weird, but I really loved his character development of James Bond. The books are a whole lot better than the movies and as a writer I learned a great deal about what makes a character memorable. 

3. Where do you get the inspiration for your stories?

I wish I knew. Ideas pop into my head and I cannot rest until they are on paper. I think a writer is nothing more than a super-computer in a way. We put together all of our experiences, people we have met, and surroundings, and turn them into a story. I see many people I know or have known come through in my characters. Sometimes you surprise yourself as a writer. 

4. Do your characters come first or the does the plot come first?’ 

Characters come as I write them and many times so does the plot. I have an idea for or story or see the end, but never the whole book. Honestly, as I write the story develops.

5. Have you ever fallen in lust… I mean love with one of your characters? 

Of course! Most of them, if not, all of them. I write people I would love to know, good or bad. I think that is the gift a writer has; we can create people. I always hope that heaven is a place where I finally get to meet all of the characters I have written. Imagine the fun I will have! 

6. When it comes to your sultry sex scenes – where do your ideas come from?

I get asked this question a great deal by friends. They look at my husband of twenty years in a whole new way after they finish one of my books. But knowing how a character moves, talks or has sex is part of who they are. I attribute the sultry sex in my books to my active imagination. 

7. Have you ever been turned on by something you’ve written? 

If your story doesn’t turn you on, then you are doing something wrong. If you can’t get turned on, then your reader won’t be interested. I write from my gut, if I don’t feel it, I start over. You have got to feel what you write; otherwise it just doesn’t work. 

8. If you had the opportunity for a one-night stand with one of your characters who would it be and why? 

Wow! I think it would have to be Dallas August from Recovery, Sacrifice and The Secret Brokers. He has got it all. He is smart, sexy, has a great heart with vulnerabilities that make him appealing, and yet he can be strong and resilient when needed. Plus, he is a great cook, and when doesn’t a man in the kitchen turn a woman on. Of all my characters, he is the one I would most likely want to be with.

9. Tell us about your current novel. 

Diary of a One-Night Stand is about Kara Barton’s life after she has a one-night stand in a hotel room with a business associate, the sexy Scott Ellsworth. Raised by a single mother who taught her to use men to take care of her, Kara has fought her past all of her life. She went to law school, married a great guy, and had a child. But in her forties, she is beginning to feel like her youth is slipping away and because of her stale marriage she longs for one more night of lust. However after the tryst, her life becomes very complicated when Scott wants more, and so does Kara. After a violent argument with her husband, she takes her daughter and moves in with Scott, but the security she felt when she was married is missing, and despite their fairly-tale existence, she has doubts about Scott’s fidelity. It is really a story about wanting for something better, but finding out in the end that what you wanted was there all along. 

10. Is it a stand-alone story or part of a series? If it’s a series what can we expect in the next chapter? 

This is a stand-alone novel. I have done a series in the past with the character of Nicci Beauvoir in To My Senses, Recovery and Sacrifice. The other current series I have involves the Dallas August character and begins with the novel The Secret Brokers. I like to break out and intermingle a stand-alone book with my series work. It gives me a brain break and I feel helps my writing by starting something fresh with new characters. 

11. What can we expect from you in the future? Any new books in the works? 

My next novel hits later this year. Called, Acadian Waltz it is a romance filled with Cajuns from the bayous of Louisiana. The main character, Nora Kehoe is feeling pressured by her overbearing mother to settle down. Then a passionate encounter with a childhood friend changes everything. The charismatic Jean Marc Gaspard manages the family business, Gaspard Fisheries. But rumors abound that Jean Marc is running more than seafood through the waters around Manchac Louisiana. Soon Nora is thrown headlong into the dangerous world of smugglers and swindlers. 

In 2013 I have my first paranormal romance coming out. The Satyr’s Curse incorporates a great deal of New Orleans voodoo into a story about a man turned into a mythological creature, and doomed to roam the earth until he finds the woman who can free him of his curse. Filled with sex, murder, magic, and a whole lot of good New Orleans food. 

My Amazon page:

My website:

Twitter: alexandrea weis: Books

Blurb: Resilient and practical, Kara Barton has continually strived to live a respectable life. She went to college, embarked on a promising career as an attorney, married a great guy, and always appeared to be the perfect wife and mother. But all is not what it seems, and the troubling past Kara has been running from her entire life is about to catch up with her. Urged on by her insecurities about growing older, and desperately wanting to feel one more night of passion, Kara agrees to share a tryst in a hotel room with a sexy business associate, Scott Ellsworth. But Scott wants more than one night together, and Kara quickly discovers it is impossible to resist him. Soon Kara finds herself transformed into the kind of woman she vowed never to become, and the secure world she has struggled all her life to build begins to fall apart. Kara Barton is about to find out how a one-night stand can change everything.

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A Halloween Treat!

It was a drenching, beastly night. Thunder and lightning tore the skies apart to the steady hum of the windshield wipers while Gaby and Raina listened to the eerie sound of Monster Mash ringing through the car speakers.
            It was Halloween night and the women were on their way to a costume party that Gaby’s brilliant boyfriend decided to hold in an old abandoned house on Hanover Street. Gaby had decided to dress up as a dead bride. The gown she purchased from the thrift store was perfect especially once she ripped it in several locations and poured fake blood down the front of the dress. Even the veil was shredded and dirty.
            Shifting one of the vents to blow heated air directly on her, Gaby rubbed her arms and shivered, “Raina, I think we should turn around and go home. I’m not having a very good feeling about tonight.”
            Raina laughed, “Don’t be overly dramatic Gaby. I’m sure it’s just the weather creeping you out.”
            Gaby crossed her arms and huffed, “I’m not being overly dramatic. I’m attempting to follow my gut instinct which has kept me out of trouble more times than I can count.”
            Raina reached over and patted her leg, “C’mon Gaby, chances are you’re just freaking out because the weather sucks, it’s Halloween and the party of the year is being held in the old dilapidated colonial up on Hanover. I promise tonight will be a blast!”
            They drove on in silence until they reached the house. Raina was almost positive that in its day the house was gorgeous but now it was run down and looked exactly like that one house that no one wanted to go into because they just knew it was haunted. The front yard was covered in fog and packed full of cars. Several of the windows on the first floor of the house were flickering with the soft glow of candlelight. Raina glanced up at the second floor of the house and caught a glimpse of a ghostly image in a window that immediately faded away. She grinned, “Man, they went all out for this party tonight. C’mon Gaby, let’s make a mad dash for the door!”
            Gaby and Raina jumped out of the car and ran as fast they could to the front door of the house. Their only hope was that the rain wouldn’t wash away the makeup they spent hours trying to perfect. As they neared the door, it opened and the women were greeted by a sexy vampire, “Good evening ladies and welcome to my party.”
            Gaby giggled, “Hi Josh. Thanks for inviting us.”
            Josh wrapped an arm around Gaby’s neck and kissed her on the cheek, “May I have this dance? And perhaps a little sip of your blood?”
            Gaby laughed, “The dance you can have, the blood will have to wait.”
            Raina watched as Gaby and Josh disappeared into the throng of gyrating ghouls, witches, zombies, vampires, pirates, ghosts and anything else this lively bunch decided to wear as a costume. They had been dating for the better part of a year and were almost inseparable.
            Deciding she needed to finish putting her costume on, Raina made her way through the crowd of partiers looking for the bathroom. She began walking down a hallway as a door on her left opened and a couple walked out. She looked at them and asked, “Bathroom?”
            The guy, who was dressed like a 1920’s gangster, held up a lantern and said, “Right in there.”
            “And the lantern?” she asked raising her brows in question.
            He shrugged, “No electricity.” Raina nodded her understanding.
            Accepting the lantern, Raina walked into the bathroom and turned the flame up as high as it would go so she could see herself in the dirty mirror. She had decided to dress as a gothic fairy for the party. She wore a black corseted dress that laced up the front and rather than displaying her naturally red hair, she opted for a white wig. The wings she was trying to clip on her back were made of black sheer material that had white airbrushed tips and silver glitter all over them. While she struggled with the wings she never heard the man enter behind her, “Can I be of some assistance?”
            Raina nearly jumped out of her own skin as she spun and slapped her hand to her chest trying to keep her heart from beating right out of it. “You scared the begeesus out of me,” she breathed.
            The man grinned, “My apologies. That was not my intention. I simply wanted to offer you some assistance with your wings since you seem to be having a bit of trouble.”
            Raina smiled, “Well, thanks. I’d appreciate that.” She spun back around to face the mirror after the man picked up the wings that she had dropped on the floor when he scared her. After securing her wings he said, “You look great.”
            “Thank you,” Raina replied turning to face him. “I’m Raina.”
            “Brandon,” he replied.
            Raina frowned, “I knew someone named Brandon once.” She sighed, “I miss him.”
            “You miss him? What happened to him?” he asked.
            Raina nodded sadly, “He was my boyfriend. He died a year ago.”
            Brandon frowned, “I’m sorry for your loss. Did you love him?”
            “With everything that I am,” she replied.
            Wanting to change the subject, Raina glanced down at his outfit. He wore a pair of black slacks, a white collarless shirt with the sleeves rolled up to his elbows and a dealers vest. His long brown shoulder length hair and been pulled back in to a pony tail at the nape of his neck and tied with a black silk ribbon. He face was covered by a black mask. She smiled, “I love your outfit. It’s very 1800’s meets Zorro.”
            He chuckled, “Thank you.”
            He held out his arm to her, “May I escort you back to the party? Or perhaps I could interest you in a leisurely walk around the house? I’d offer a garden stroll but the weather is making that impossible.”
            Raina giggled, “Such a gentleman. You really are playing the part tonight aren’t you? Well, Brandon, I’d be honored to walk with you.” Raina wrapped her hand around Brandon’s arm and they began their stroll through the house.
            As they strolled through the various hallways, Raina couldn’t stifle the shiver that ran up her spine. She began to feel like something bad was about to happen but wasn’t sure what it could possibly be. Deciding it was just her overactive imagination, Raina brushed it off to spending too much time listening to Gaby talk about her gift of prophecy and walking through a truly creepy house.
            Raina and Brandon walked around the house while they talked of nothing important. They danced to a few songs and when the rain finally stopped he escorted her outside to a balcony that overlooked the rear gardens of the house.
            Raina rested on the balcony railing and watched as the clouds shifted in the night sky allowing the full moon to peak out and shine down on the grounds making it look like tiny diamonds decorated the foliage.
            Brandon studied Raina’s profile. He always thought of her as perfect. Smiling he said, “Do you have any idea how beautiful you are?”
            Raina smirked, “Laying it on kind of thick there aren’t you Brandon?”
            Brandon smiled, “I suppose you would think so. Do you have any idea how I’ve longed to hold you in my arms again?” 
            Raina slowly turned to face the man that she spent a majority of the night with as a terrifying fear gripped her heart, “Excuse me?”
            He stepped towards her reaching for her as if to grab her, “I’ve missed you Raina.”
            Stepping away from him, Raina scowled, “Is this some kind of joke?”
            Taking another step towards her, Brandon reached up and pulled off his mask. Raina’s eyes widened in shock and fear as she stumbled back away from him shaking her head, “No, it can’t be!” Holding out her hands to ward him off, she continued moving backwards until she finally tripped on her gown and began to fall backwards and into the balcony railing that literally disintegrated when she hit it allowing her to tumble over the edge.
                        “RAINA!!” Brandon yelled as he flew across the balcony attempting to reach her before she fell.
            Raina stared up at Brandon as she continued her slow motion descent to the ground below and only when she hit the mud covered ground did she finally lose sight of him.   
            Brandon rushed down the stairs to Raina’s side and cradled her head in his lap, “Raina, are you alright sweetheart?”
            Raina frowned while she tried to clear the cobwebs from her head. I must be dreaming, she thought, because only in my dreams would Brandon be real. Ever so slowly she opened her eyes and stared into the honey gold beauty of his eyes. As realization set in, tears began to fall from her eyes. She reached up wrapping her arms around his neck, “I’ve missed you so much baby! I thought you were gone forever.”
            Brandon smiled as he wrapped his arms around her, “I’ve missed you too sweetheart. And no, I wasn’t gone forever only temporarily. Are you up for a stroll through the gardens?”
            Raina hesitated briefly mentally checking for any broken bones, when she felt none she said, “Sure.”
            Brandon wrapped his arm around Raina helping her up then guided her into the gardens. Raina was surprised to see how well the gardens looked considering the house had been empty for years. He directed her to a stone bench where they sat with their fingers entwined together. Brandon cupped Raina’s chin and turned her to face him. He kissed her softly on the lips and whispered, “I love you Raina.”
            Raina smiled, “I love you too.”
            Brandon tucked Raina into his side and kissed her deeply. Rising to his feet Brandon held out his hand to Raina which she immediately accepted and began leading Raina back to the house as the pink light of day colored the horizon. Raina gasped as she looked at the gorgeous colonial standing in front of her, “I don’t remember the house looking this amazing.”
Brandon grinned, “You like it?”
Raina smiled, “I love it.”
Brandon squeezed her hand, “Then I’m flattered.”
Raina looked at Brandon in surprise, “The house is yours? I had no idea.”
            Brandon turned fully to face Raina. He cupped her face and kissed her passionately stealing her breath from her chest, “Stay here with me Raina.”
            Raina grinned, “Always.”


            Gaby stood next to Josh clutching his hand as if he were the only thing left in the world that would keep her sane. The tears rolled freely down her face and no matter how much she brushed them away they just kept coming back. When a quiet sob broke free, Josh released her hand and wrapped his arm around her shoulders and kissed the top of her blonde head, “It’s okay Gaby.”
            Gaby shook her head, “It’s never going to be okay Josh. I knew going to your party was a bad idea and yet I did nothing to stop her – us - from going.”
            Josh sighed, “Raina’s a big girl and you better than anyone should know when she wants to do something she’s going to do it. Besides her fall was a complete accident. There was nothing you could have done to save her Gaby.”
            Gaby sighed and leaned into Josh, “I know. I just miss her so much.”
            Josh hugged her, “I know baby. I miss them both but at least there together for ever now.”
            Gaby leaned down and placed a single white rose on the ground. She kissed the tips of her own fingers and touched the cold hard marble stone that read…

Brandon Summers                                      Raina Hammond
                           1985-2011                                       1985-2012
May you find happiness
in each other’s arms for eternity.


Happy Halloween,
Charlie Daye

Saturday, October 6, 2012

Sizzling Sunday
with Monique Rockliffe

1.       How did you make the decision to become a writer?

I believe the talent was always within me. I’ve always been an excellent storyteller since I was old enough to read, and even when dancing became my top priority I was always very good at doing demi-character solos – dances that require storytelling through mime. With dance you use your facial expressions and body language to convey the story whereas writing requires the art of using words. Two completely different but equally powerful art forms!

2.       Who is your favorite author? Favorite book?
This is always such a tough question because I have so many I like. In the Fantasy genre I’d say my favourite storyteller is Terry Brooks, and in the Horror/Supernatural genre it has to be Stephen King. Both these men have amazing imaginations, and although their styles are quite different they each bring such inspiring, imaginative, unusual, and, in the case of King, such ‘out there’ ideas to the page. I love that in any story, and I aspire to be as good as them.
My favourite book, if I had to pick only one, is by another of my favourite Fantasy authors, Raymond E. Feist. It’s Magician, and the two that complete the trilogy –  Silverthorn and A Darkness at Sethanon. I believe Magician was instrumental in taking my imagination to new heights and pushing the boundaries of my ideas about story, characters, and style. It also strongly influenced my decision to start writing seriously when my dance career ended.

3.       Where do you get the inspiration for your stories?
Well, my current project is a four-part Epic Fantasy series that had its birth in my love for Star Wars. I first saw Star Wars when I was eight years old, when my love for reading and storytelling was already firmly established in my heart. This movie opened up my mind and stirred my imagination to begin making up my own stories. I was amazed by the imaginations of others to create such brilliance like Star Wars and other Sci-Fi/Fantasy films I saw at that time, and I wanted to be able to do it, too! In short, my natural creative ability started recreating Star Wars into my own characters and my own worlds and galaxies! It was thrilling, and that’s where my Sword Bearers series was born.
As for the rest of my stories (most already outlined and waiting for me to turn them into books), they get their inspiration from other books, movies, poems, and, quite often art – especially fantasy art. I usually focus on the feel of a story, movie etc, and then create my own stories, characters, and unique situations and worlds. I make sure I steer away from stereotypes and constantly push the boundaries of my imagination! The birth of a new story is always the most exciting part for me!

4.       Do your characters come first or the does the plot come first?’
Usually the characters, although as they come into existence then usually the story does, too. It kinda ‘folds’ around the characters and they end up creating their world/s. I know it sounds bizarre J but it’s true!! 

5.       Have you ever fallen in lust… I mean love with one of your characters?
Oh, absolutely! When, as a woman, you have the opportunity to create the perfect man then you can bet you’ll fall in lust . . . er, in love with him!! Yup, two of my male characters are extremely hot – in looks and in personality. Strong, gentle, kind, powerful, compassionate, sexy warriors . . . ah, yes, sooo in love!! J

6.       When it comes to your sultry sex scenes – where do your ideas come from?
Well, as a Fantasy author I don’t get too sexy in my intimate scenes, but I write them in such a way as to allow the reader to use their imagination. My main character, KC, comes from a place of deep sadness and loss, so when she meets her mate and their relationship slowly blooms into passion, and they finally come together, it is physically very powerful and emotionally charged because he helps her escape her pain and brings her the comfort, love, and passion and compassion she’s so hungry for.
I don’t necessarily get my ideas from anywhere – I simply allow the characters and the story to create the perfect love scenes.

7.       Have you ever been turned on by something you’ve written?
Oh, yeah! Relating to my previous answers, those scenes of ecstasy, and the love of a man who gives all of himself to his ‘heart-love’ (what KC and her mate, Ren, call each other), then I can’t help but be turned on! *blushing*

8.       If you had the opportunity for a one night stand with one of your characters who would it be and why?
Later in the series, in Book 3: The Sword Bearer’s Awakening, the reader meets First General Devad Tanesin in earnest (a character who was only mentioned in passing in the second book), a man who has suffered great loss in wartime and in his personal life. Because of his job, he can be hard and demanding and appears harsh, but as it turns out he has a heart filled with love and kindness and he’s desperate for love and to share his love with someone. He is secretly in love with KC (sorry, can’t give too much away J ). He’s a skilled soldier with great authority, and he’s very, very sexy in every way – an erotica novel’s perfect poster boy! *giggles* Now, who wouldn’t want to be with the strong, silent, intense (in a good way) type? Aren’t they the ones with the most passion to give??? He’s definitely my choice for a one night stand!

9.       Tell us about your current novel.
Book 2: The Sword Bearer’s Journey, came out in January 2012, and continues the story from KC’s home-world, Theras, into the far reaches of space where she faces new challenges and dangers and sees other worlds and meets alien races she only ever dreamed about. She is still pursued by the arch demon, Drakoor s’et, because as the mighty Sword Bearer she possesses the most powerful weapon in existence – the Sword of Heaven – a weapon that can destroy entire worlds. The demon, filled with a great rage and a burning lust for vengeance, wants the Sword to destroy the Universe and all mortal-kind who he hates above all else.
KC has to learn to accept who she is and accept the burden that was forced on her in the beginning of Book 1: The Sword Bearers, when her mother, the Cai’rin (queen) is killed by the demon. It’s a tough life, and she learns to cope with it in her unique way. She is a natural warrior, but struggles to accept her birthright.
In her journey she experiences great love and great loss, passion, excitement, joy, and unexpected adventures! And all the while she works with her family to stay hidden from the arch demon and prepare for the Final Battle, the battle that will either see the demon destroyed or KC – and if she fails then the Universe will be dust!

10.   Is it a stand alone story or part of a series? If it’s a series what can we expect in the next chapter?
As you know by now this is a series. In Book 3: The Sword Bearer’s Awakening, KC struggles to accept what has happened to her, and through her grief has to learn to rebuild her self-esteem and go on with life. This includes continuing her training with the Sword to face the demon.
The galactic war escalates, and Drakoor s’et is systematically destroying N’varda, the galaxy where the main story takes place. He continues to relentlessly search for the Sword Bearer, frustrated that he still has not managed to lure her into his many traps and obtain the Sword of Heaven.
The tension builds as N’varda and KC prepare for the Final Battle. But will she be ready, or will her mindless thirst for revenge destroy all her hard work and that of her family and allies? Only love can save her – but will it be enough?

11.   What can we expect from you in the future? Any new books in the works?
Book 3 is coming out before Christmas this year, and I’m really excited about that! Book 4: The Sword Bearer’s Ascension, is busy being written and will be available about mid 2013.
I also have a Sci-Fi short story ready for publication called The Door. Although I’m publishing my Epic Fantasy series through a publication house, The Door will go straight to Kindle, Nook, Smashwords, etc quite soon. I’ll let everyone know as soon as it’s available!

‘The Sword Bearers’: Synopsis for Book 1

Khyri never wanted to rule as queen or carry within her the renowned Sword of Heaven.

But after centuries of peace, war has come to her planet, Theras, and with it comes death and destruction. Against her will, and in a desperate attempt to save all she holds dear, the Sword is forced upon her by those she loved and trusted.

Betrayed and lonely, Khyri and her family flee across Theras, and, hunting her in her dreams and in the waking world, Drakoor s’et, an arch demon, seeks the Sword – and with it, her soul.

‘The Sword Bearer’s Journey’: Synopsis for Book 2

The arch demon, Drakoor s’et, is furious: the Sword Bearer has escaped him again!

KC and her family flee to Verai, to her uncle, Korin Beloruuis, the leader of the Alliance of Territories, the only opposition to Drakoor’s massive forces.

Khyl desperately fights another battle – one of his brother’s twisted mind – while serving beside him in disguise. 

With all of N’varda at stake, KC uses her considerable skills and talents to fight a war she hopes she can win, but the fury of the demon is a nightmare she faces every time she closes her eyes to sleep. He approaches!

Twitter: @monrockliffe