CoK Series

Welcome to Kriation

I am a seeker of vengeance; 
A mender of broken hearts. 
I respond to the siren call of loneliness and despair. 
I was once a human woman; 
Very much like you; 
Until my heart was destroyed by the man I loved. 
My only purpose now is to avenge those that have been betrayed. 
I am Fury… 
And hell has nothing on me. 

Warning - Adult content, violent subject matter

From the shadows I emerge; 
My siren call is fear and death. 
I was beaten, raped and left for dead like so many unfortunate souls. 
But I was offered a different path; 
A fear free path of justice, seeking vengeance against those like the ones that left me to die. 
I am the omen of death and will strike in the dead of night. 
I am Raithe… 
And I am coming for you.

I was a geisha. 
Sold into slavery by my parents, I was beaten into submission then forced into the company of men. 
My heart cried out for freedom and Kria heard my call. 
Now, I seek out those who would dare to do the same. 
I attack without mercy; 
But always with the grace and beauty of a lady. 
I am Vengeance… 
And your heart is mine.

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