Saturday, June 21, 2014


Only 6 days to go till the release of Raziel's Redemption!! Here's a little teaser for you!

Alona left Raziel to change into a pair of lounge pants and t-shirt. As she dressed, her thoughts strayed to Raziel. She was already sexually frustrated and they’d only known each other for a little less than two weeks. She desperately wanted to rip his clothes off and jump his bones.

The thought surprised her. Granted, her only experience with a man had been with Elijah, but she’d never had an urge this strong before. The sexual tension between them was enough to strangle them both. Sighing, Alona walked back into the living room to find Raziel had lost his shoes and his shirt and was lying sinfully bare from the waist up on her couch holding a blanket up as invitation for her to join him.

“You look nice and comfy,” Alona commented.

Raziel grinned, “Come join me and we can be comfy together.”

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