Friday, April 19, 2013

Breeders Synopsis

My name is Sicily Chase. All I wanted was one last, fun filled girls's weekend in Vegas before summer break was over.  I wanted to hang out by the pool, do some shopping, hit the clubs, meet a hot guy  - you know let loose.  Well, I did all that and then some but little did I know that my one night stand would turn into so much more not to mention introduce me into a supernatural world I never knew existed.

Friday, April 12, 2013

A tease from my current WIP...

Children of Kria

I am creation;
I am destruction.
I am the door to eternity and the opportunity for revenge.
When your heart has been shattered
And is way beyond repair;
When your darkest hour is beckoning
And hope is all but lost;
When all that you have fought to love is finally beyond your reach;
When you feel your life is forfeit
And the pain is too much to bear…
Call my name.
Let it be a whisper on your lips or a sorrow filled cry from the heart;
I will come to mend what’s broken with the offer of a brand new start.
You will be my justice, my sword your crowning glory. Your precision will be deadly but righteously swift and true.
My arms have opened wide my child,
You have only to step to.
I am Creation.
I am Destruction.
I am Mother.
I am Kria.

Saturday, April 6, 2013

I am geared up and ready to go! I have ideas brewing for some new stories that I think you all will love! I know you all are impatiently waiting for BREEDERS, however, my editor has yet to send it to me with he final approval! So why don't you all scream and yell at her - just don't tell her I sent you!!
Ha Ha - if you're reading this... I still love you Amy!!