Curse Breaker's Trilogy

Book One in the Curse Breaker's Trilogy:  

Aria De La Vega lived a pretty mundane life until she inherited the house. After arriving at the house, nestled in the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina, Aria meets the man of her dreams, finds the house is haunted, is attacked by a ghost, learns about the Native American curse that has plagued the land the house sits on for more than 130 years and discovers that she is the key to undoing it all. And that is only the first 48 hours. With the help of her two best friends, Melissa, a formidable attorney out of California and Amy, the granddaughter of a Cherokee medicine woman, Aria will decipher the curse, battle an unseen force bent on destroying her, deal with the painful stab of deceit and wager everything to save herself and the man she loves.

 Book Two in the Curse Breaker's Trilogy: 

Detective Aiden Cooper was a vampire who spent the last 150 years awaiting the return of his long lost love Abigail. He was promised by a witch, who also happened to be Abigail's mother, that her soul would return to him in her next life. Melissa Salazar was a formidable attorney living in Los Angeles and no stranger to the paranormal. Deciding a fresh start was in order and wanting to be closer to her best friend Aria, Melissa sells her practice and moves in to a beautiful Colonial style house that is owned by Aria and her husband Dominic. Little did she know that move would change her life forever. One fateful night, Aiden finds Melissa brutally beaten and left for dead. As he rushes to her aid a familiar scent lingers in the air. Aiden looks down at the woman he cradles in his arms... could this be Abigail?

Book Three in the Curse Breaker's Trilogy

Amy has spent that last few weeks preparing for a curse she knew would try like never before. She's not sure what to expect at this point but know whatever it is will be bad... very bad. Micah's an immortal skinwalker who has been waiting eons for his curse to be broken and has just about lost all hope until he receives a call from the tribe's medicine woman that his redemption is finally at hand. But in order to gain the freedom his soul desires he'll have to do two things he hasn't done in ages - forgive the Gods and allow another woman into his heart. In the epic finale to the Curse Breaker's Trilogy, Amy will take on a pack of Native American skinwalkers hell bent on bending her to their will but will the skinwalker she actually wants be strong enough to save her before she succumbs to the temptation of dark magic?

Three friends, three course, one amazing story! Now you can own all three tales in one book.