Friday, June 7, 2013

Let's Welcome Author Poppet to my World...

Poppet is an amazing author out of the UK who writes everything from children's stories, YA romance, adult humor and a smorgasbord of edgy PNR adventures punctuated with sizzling attraction. If you love psychological thrillers and gothic romance then you'll love this amazing author. 

My first Poppet book was called Seithe (Pravus Series) and today it is still my favorite. I absolutely fell in love with her characters (especially Seithe) and found that I was unable to tear myself away from the wonderful worlds she creates. Her writing is so vivid it's easy to watch the story unfold in your mind's eye like a movie with some absolutely amazing special effects.

Her latest release is called Master of Umbra. It is the second book in the Valhalla series. The first is called Master of Maisma.

Book Description:

Deliah is in grave danger, running for her life from a man who needs her dead, when serendipity plants her in the path of the Master of Umbra.

Inducted into the mysterious Eagle clan of the Scottish highlands, Deliah is torn between her fate and destiny when kin clash for her affections. Falling for the scandalous villain who heads the Berserkers of the Hebrides, her fragile hope is snuffed out early by revelation and impending war.

The only mantra she can cling to is the one uttered in heartfelt promise; that love comes back.

Because that's what love does.

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“What do you want?” he snaps, in that impatient drawl.
“Er... I can't get confrontational in the dark,” I mumble, losing courage.
“I bet you're plenty confrontational in the dark.” Gripping my arm in the 'master is not pleased' grind, he marches me deeper into the darkness, muttering, “Dressed like that only reinforces the image.”
“What's wrong with the way I'm dressed?” I argue, wishing he'd slow down already.
He laughs, and it's cold, “Sweetie, it looks like you're either going to put me over your knee, or beg me to put you over mine.”
“Oh go get knotted–”
“Did you leave any beer in the vat when you finished sucking it dry? Ulfhednar head is white and frothy, just the way you like it.”
“I did not–”
“You're more baked than clay and you're going to be just as dehydrated come sunup. What the hell were you thinking?” he chastises, hauling me into a grotto ready to raise the dead. Candles and steam haunt the room like old lovers getting nostalgic.
“What the hell was I thinking?” Now you've done it mister twat. “I was thinking you require trepanning so you can deflate your fucking ego.”
He turns to scowl down at me, his chest embroidered with white scars which map bridges over his extreme musculature. I'm trying very hard not to gawk, but bleedin' heck, he looks like an action man who grew up on a uranium farm, except of course for the tortured gaze he pegs me with when he folds his arms and bursts veins out in wild rivulets. They ridge in the flickering candlelight, shadowing his bulk with a net of strength.
What was he doing here exactly, in just his baggies?
Fuck! Was he expecting his date to show up and I walked in where I'm not welcome?


If you like what you've read and would love to  know more about this amazing author and her books, feel free to stock her and if she catches you tell her Charlie made you do it! *Grins*

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