Friday, February 8, 2013

Something in the works...

A misconstrued facebook post left by me on another's page led to my current work in progress... He asked which Super bowl team we were rooting for and of course me being a California girl said "49ers baby! I'm a Cali girl all the way!" He actually thought that I wrote that I was a call girl all the way... which for me, led to a serious bout of hysterics.... so what is this book you ask? The titleis still a work in progress, however, it's looking something like The Accidental Call Girl. It's most likely going to be a novella with a supernatural flare of course and LOTS of wild and crazy sex. So, what happens when a sweet innocent girl shows up at the right place at the wrong time? Ha ha... nothing good! :D Stay tuned. I've already got the first two chapter done!

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