Friday, January 10, 2014

A tease from Children of Kria: Fury.

With every word Kria spoke I felt tiny fissures forming in my heart. I grabbed at my chest rubbing the spot over my heart trying to alleviate the phantom pain. “Why do I hurt?” I asked on a whisper.
            “As a child of Kria you’re heart will always hurt when someone shares a pain similar to yours. It’s how you’ll find your prey and avenge their victims,” Phoenix replied.
            “Wear my mark Neela and claim your vengeance,” Kria stated.
            “I will gladly wear your mark Mother Kria,” I replied.
            “Where would you like it child?”
            “My shoulder,” I replied. “It will be my badge of honor.”
            “Very well,” Kria said.
            I felt a slight burn followed by a tingling sensation. I looked down at my shoulder and took notice of Kria’s mark. It was a tattered heart that had been run through with a sword, its blood dripping slowly into a glass. It was actually quite fitting considering that’s how it had felt when Gyan broke my heart.
            “The time has come, my child, for you to seek your vengeance. Choose a new name or keep the one you have. Whatever you select will be forged into your sword and will be yours from this day forward.”
            I swung my sword around in a figure eight formation. Adrenaline surged through my veins as my eyesight turned red in rage. Standing with my feet shoulder width apart and my sword pointed straight away, I yelled my answer in a warriors cry, “I am Fury!”

            My sword burst to life in an array of golden flames and before my very eyes my name appeared beneath the flames on the sword and marked me forever as a child of Kria.

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