Thursday, June 28, 2012

A teaser from Gypsy's Dance

He watched the celebration taking place below. It appeared to be a matching celebration. Niko watched one by one as the girls danced around the fire. The girl in red was alright her moves robotic and forced. The girl in green danced somewhat lazily. The girl in purple danced well enough nothing special though. The girl in yellow just looked like a spinning sun. Perhaps her family should have chosen a different color for her. The girl in blue danced as though depressed. Her choice in color suited her style of dance perfectly.
            Niko had just about lost interest in the dancing until the last girl stepped up to dance. As her father spun her away it looked like she sparkled in the firelight. As the music began and she started to move it was obvious this dance would be like no other. This girl spun and soared as if she were the only one around and no one was watching. She danced with passion and heart. She danced to be free.
            When her dance ended and she sat with her face turned to the fire Niko realized that this was a show of defiance. This passionate girl would rather face the fire then whatever fate her parents had chosen for her. It made him smile.
            Niko made his way down the hill to get a better look at the mysterious woman. He made himself invisible so he could blend into the shadows without being seen. He approached the group of onlookers head on standing just behind the clan leader. That is where he got his first glimpse of the girl in white.

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